Leap into the unknown.


These are people who leaped into the unknown. Know their full story and you'll learn they are cut of a different cloth than ordinary people. Join them.

Note: Lists like this cannot catch them all. Biases kick in. I'm not intending to be objective. While my world is as a creative, there are a great many explores of the unknown who were not creative. Some great artists will be missing because I think they took less risk or, I just felt like stopping the list at some point. It could be they refined an existing art form or, it may be as simple as I don't know enough about them. Tell me who I missed. If you are interested in more ordinary people, see Everyday Leapers.

  1. Martin Luther: German theologian who risked his life to make his church more honest socially and theologically.
  2. Steve Jobs: Apple founder
  3. Bill Gates: Microsoft founder
  4. Jackie Robinson: Major League Baseball's first black player
  5. Lewis and Clark: Explored America
  6. Protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989: They stood up against tyranny and oppression in China
  7. St. Francis: He shirked wealth to care for the poor
  8. John Glenn: First American astronaut
  9. Madame Marie Curie: Pioneer researcher of radioactivity
  10. St. Stephen: First Christian martyr
  11. Sir Francis Drake: Circumnavigated the globe (also a pirate, unfortunately)
  12. Jim Elliot: Christian martyr whose life inspired many Christians
  13. Evel Knievel: Daredevil motorcyclist who feats pushed the limits of stunt performance
  14. Benjamin Franklin: Polymath who was a printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.
  15. Auguste Chapdelaine: French missionary to China, then (1852) an unknown region to most of Europe. Martyred.
  16. Christopher Columbus: Explorer whose efforts helped establish North and South America as we know it today.
  17. Edgar Allan Poe: American poet, short story writer and literary critic whose work gave us the modern detective story, science fiction, and more
  18. William Shakespeare: Greatest playwright ever
  19. The Wright Brothers: Invented first successful airplane
  20. George Washington: First president of the then new United States of America
  21. ​Bob Dylan: American musician whose songs influenced generations of artists to follow, as well as society at large.
  22. Walt Disney: He gave us Mickey Mouse
  23. Christa McAuliffe: While not the first person, she was a teacher, not a trained astronaut. 
  24. Thomas Edison: Inventor of the first successful lightbulb and more.
  25. David Livingstone: Influential medical missionary and explorer in Africa.