The depth of a rotted tree.

Leap into the unknown.

Be Curious.

We need to be curious. We need to be, as Rudyard Kipling wrote in his short story, The Elephant's Child, "insatiably curious." Curiosity without end. Look under each rock and leaf. Wonder what's at the end of the universe and how it began. Imagine, "What if I tried my best..."

Do you want to save the world? Or, at least, do something that helps a few people? I hope so. If you believe something can be better, if you are a little curious about how the world might be improved if you did something, then wonder more. Be curious. That child you were so many years ago is still in you. Explore that freedom.

Ever read Oh, The Places You Will Go! by Dr. Seuss? You should. Click the link or get it from your library. It encourages as it warns, but reminds us that all the while, the effort is worth it. 

Curiosity begins things. Otherwise, why begin? Curiosity will take a man to the starting line? "Can I run fast?" Curiosity leads a woman to write a novel, "How will it end?" And curiosity brings every child to the cookie jar, "How good the next one will taste?" Then, if they begin, they find out. Or not. But they've tried and that's what matters. 

Many great commencement speeches mention this. So do plenty of Ted Talks. I've written my share of them. I'll be the first to admit it is easier to talk about than to do, but it is still good advice.