Leap into the unknown.

BE FREE. Explore the freedom of creativity: bold, fearless curiosity. Leaping into the unknown means you don't know exactly what you'll experience, but you are not passive. You aren't waiting for someone to lead your dream or your desire. You paint that canvas even when you aren't sure what the colors are. I'm here to tell you what you already know: make it happen

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You Too!

Robber Fly

Why Do We Leap?

Who Leaps?

You aren't Picasso? I'm not either. Leaping isn't about who you are or what you do. It is about risk (intelligently). It is about freedom. It is about giving it a go even when don't know where the going is. 

So many inspirational speakers challenge you to, as Nike says, "Just do it." Remove barriers and give it a go.

Read into my leap into children's fiction.

Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Dr. Who all have in common the knowledge of leaping into the unknown. So does every atheist and Christian. Uncertainty is present in every decision. Even the most faithful will acknowledge this. Faith, after all, is belief in things unseen.

Any artist worth his salt explores the unknown. So do theologians, philosophers and scientists. 

​No guts. No glory. 

​Here's a too-short list of people who are leapers.

Some folks can't help themselves. They see a cliff or crevice and just feel the need to go for it.

Others consider what they believe and apply it confidently. When John Glenn went into space, he left confident he was coming back. Glenn was wise and willing, but he didn't really know. 

I respect the John Glenns of this world. They have boldly gone where no man has gone before.